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Fuck me Fuck me so hard from the back and rub my pussy then get down and like the fuck out of it !!!!!!!! Please FUCK ME

Sure, but first I would kiss you gently, then slowly the kiss would be rougher, I would bite your lips and suck your tongue, then I would grab your hair and turn you around so your butt is rubbing my cock. I would not let go of your hair instead I would pull your head to one side while I kiss an bite your neck, my other hand is on your breast, caressing and grabbing. When you starting to moan my hand will slip to your belly and then your pussy. I would gently rub, massage the labia and when your pussy is wet I would start rubbing your clit. I would alternate the clit massage with finger fucking until you became soaking wet, then I would pull your hair again so you face me again and kiss you with a hunger that will take your breath away. 

Then I start to kiss and bite and suck on your breast while my hand is finger fucking you, when you are moaning like crazy I get down and kiss the inside of your legs and gently start to lick your pussy. 
When you open your legs for me I will fuck you with my tongue until you go crazy and then I would suck, kiss and lick your clit and finger fuck you until you cum In my mouth. 
That would be very good…

Foto do tumblr.

Quero trocar essa imagem desse olho que não tem nada a ver com o blog. Oque acham que devo por? aceito indicações e se for uma foto própria bem tirada de seu seio eu coloco na hora. 

I wanna change the pic of the blog, that eye has nothing to do with the blog. What you think that I should use? I’m taking suggestions, and if you send a pic of your breast I will use it on the spot. 

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